Whistleblower channel

Prevent the engagment in crimes, bribery and corruption within the company

In compliance with Directive 2019/1937 (DOUE of 11/26/2019, L305), but also from the firm commitment of the entity to prevent the committing of crimes, bribery and corruption within the company. Through this reporting channel, any interested person may make a complaint in good faith against any action or behavior that they consider to constitute a crime or that involves a practice of corruption or bribery or infringement of EU law.

PROMO TOBBACO, S.L. as well as the designated compliance officer guarantee the total and absolute privacy of the complainant in accordance with the directive and the RGPD and that their personal data will only be processed by the compliance officer for the purposes of communicating, when appropriate, the results of the investigation.

Being able in any case to exercise the rights authorized by the RGPD by the means established by the foundation, in addition to being able to file a claim with the AEPD.
The protection declared in article 19 of the directive is also guaranteed, not taking any type of direct or indirect retaliation against the complainant.
This channel may also be used to make any inquiries or convey any concerns in relation to the criminal compliance system implemented in the foundation.
The complaint may be made by telephone, by post or by email to calidad@promotobacco.com addressed to the company’s compliance officer through the following
Contact information:

-Name and surname
-Postal address

The complaint may be anonymous, but in this case a response on the outcome of the investigations cannot be guaranteed.