Whistleblower channel

Prevent the engagment in crimes, bribery and corruption within the company

In compliance with the provisions of Law 2/2023, of February 20, regulating people who report regulatory infractions and the fight against corruption.

We have a completely confidential incident communication channel available to all of us who are part of PROMO TOBACCO, S.L., as well as those who have any type of relationship with our company (employees, clients, suppliers, etc.).

Law 2/2023. (PDF)

At PROMO TOBACCO, S.L. we are committed to transparency and ethical culture, so we will appreciate receiving any communication related to regulatory breaches, such as misuse of information, non-compliance with legislation, professionalism and integrity, dignified and respectful treatment of people, the fight against fraud and equal treatment of clients and suppliers.


Communication will be carried out through the designed form, through which we guarantee total confidentiality.

For correct management, the communications received must contain the necessary data to be able to carry out the analysis of the reported events and must:

  • Contain an explanation of the facts
  • Identify the people involved with the reported behavior or with knowledge of it.
  • Time at which the event occurred or has been occurring.


You can choose to send a report anonymously, to this end we recommend that you do not send any personal information such as your name or your relationship with the people involved. Also do not enter any information that allows your identity to be deduced.

PROMO TOBACCO, S.L. will only and exclusively collect your personal data in the event that you voluntarily reveal your identity to us during the complaint process, all in accordance with our Data Protection Policy.