About Us

Dynamic and innovative

Promo Tobacco is a 100% Spanish capital tobacco marketing and sales agency, only fifth behind the large four multinationals. Founded in 2004, we have experienced a tremendous growth up to our current position thanks to our dynamic and innovative way of working.

Conversion of ideas in products

Because of our active creativeness, new products with different and unique characteristics targeted at niche segments have been developped, and are still being developped every day. As a result, we have achieved acceptance from consumers who had no alternative previously and converted ideas in products that are heavily demanded today.

New opportunities

We are a young team with extensive knowledge and know-how of the tobacco industry and we have been able to adapt quickly to new opportunities and challenges that emerged in the market. One of our specialities in fact are niche market products, targeted to cover specific wants and needs.

Different and unique products

Our product portfolio is extensive and varied, covering from traditional American Blend or black tobacco cigarrettes up to addtitive free or organic tobacco products, roll your own, pipe tobacco, shisha tobacco, filter cigarillos, cigars, snuff and last but not least, chewing tobacco.

Business Intelligence

Promo Tobacco offers high quality and intergrated services. With support of our business intelligence that follows up the sales and strategy development, we are able to provide and guarantee the best service to our partners. By putting at their disposition the best set of tools to reach their goals, we are able to build number one brands together. With a Quality department, two obtained ISO´s (ISO 9001, 37001), an UNE (19601) and the Compliance, we strive for excellence and continue to push every day to ensure our position as leaders.