The culture of promoting continuous improvement is present in all the daily activities of Promo Tobacco. This will drive us to continue growing in the future and that the entire team is aligned to successfully achieve strategic objectives. To achieve this, we base all our relationships on commitment and trust, placing our Ethics, Compliance and Quality policies as our fundamental development pillars.

Quality objectives:
– Provide excellent services: counting on the efforts of a team of professionals, we achieve the full satisfaction of our clients.
– Continue to position ourselves in the market: improve our position in the market by being the first tobacco company with 100% Spanish capital.
– Guarantee the highest quality in the production of the products that are promoted: all the products are subjected to a demanding control of the selection of materials and they must be provided by companies that are up to our needs.

Currently we count with the following Policies:
Quality Policy


The Compliance policy is an effective policy stating that Promo Tobacco has a zero tolerance against any type of criminal behavior or any form of corruption. Compliance is not only compliance with legislation and internal company regulations, it is also our way of working and becoming part of our organizational culture within long-term strategic objectives.

Currently there are already some mechanisms to achieve this, contemplated in quality procedures such as purchases, supplier evaluation, service policy, etc.

Finally, the Compliance Officer commits to periodically review that all documents and procedures follow the points set out in the ISO 37001 and UNE 19601 standards.

Currently we count with the following Policies:
Compliance Policy


We encourage the completion of courses with the purpose of acquiring new knowledge as well as new responsibilities.

We care about the continuous improvement training of our employees:
– Sales force
– Administration
– Management

We believe that training provides multiple advantages for both individuals and the company.
For our employees it means personal and professional growth and it also increases motivation and performance. The main advantage for the company is the increase in competitiveness and giving workers a greater chance to establish themselves in a stable and lasting work environment.
Training is a long-term investment that has a direct impact on the well-being of the worker.

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Chief Happiness Officer

One of our strengths is motivation 🤩. At Promo Tobacco we do not only attract talent but also want to take care of it, therefore, we boost corporate well-being to generate commitment, loyalty and emotion. We care about the mental health of workers so that their emotions are always positive

Eco friendly

At Promo Tobacco we are aware of the importance of caring for our environment.

We are aware that as a company, we must be responsible with the consequences of our actions and carry out practices that respect the environment. For this, and after conducting studies, we have planned strategies with the aim of causing the least possible environmental impact.

We can state that our commitment is firm and that the investment and efforts made are compensated by the satisfaction of the entire team.